About Me

Your average homeless kid with a drunk for a father, trust issues and a tendency to create my own rules.
Who am I kidding, I ain't Huckleberry Finn and besides I don't know anybody by the name of Jim.
I really go by the moniker Holly, very rarely do people call me anything else. I am a 22 year old fashion graduate turned freelance writer with a head filled with goals and a mouth full of ideas. I just need to find my feet and the appropriate footwear to get me there. I'm creative, always with new ideas of things I want to make and I'm addicted to writing lists.
I read classic literature and watch classic films. My biggest inspirations being Jack Kerouac, Oscar Wilde, Alfred Hitchcock and Ernest Hemingway.

I am an avid writer and always looking to get involved and collaborate with other people. If you are looking for writers to be a part of a project, please feel free to contact me via email to talk further.
Please feel free to email me about anything. Whether it's advertising on my blog, a question for me or really just anything blog related. I will be happy to help you.