Tuesday, 19 July 2011

While my guitar gently weeps.

Image via Morphine Sky
I have never learnt to play the guitar but throughout my life I always find myself going through phases, wanting to learn something new, take up a new hobby. I took piano lessons for seven years and creativity runs through my blood, passed down through my family but my attention doesn't stick around long enough and always distracts me to something else, a new interest and longing to try something else. Painting, drawing, horse riding, javelin, astronomy and even rock collecting/geology are a few of the phases I have gone through at one stage or another in my life, some quite laughable. 

Yesterday I can happily say I added a new leisurely pursuit to this list, filmmaking. I had dug out my video camera the day before and decided I needed to start carrying it on me, filming as much around me as I could. 
I am quite keen to work on the editing stage after working on a film for a project whilst at university. I am not saying I think I am going to become a pro, I am not even sure how long this hobby will hold out for unfortunately. I am quite happy to be an amateur contentedly collecting memories. 
Besides there is no harm in giving something a go even if I don't turn out to be the best at it, I can only wait and see.
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