Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Comfort Blanket

I stuck by my word and haven't worn my trusty shorts for nearly 3 weeks now. It has even pushed me to think about customising some jeans I planned to throw away, turning them into shorts ready for my holiday. 
Although I stopped wearing my shorts because of a comment my father made, I came across these images on the blog AftrDrk of shorts that look strikingly similar to mine. I was delighted to see that the black shirt and jumper are two other items I have similar versions of and a similar denim shirt my boyfriend owns. I am feeling so inspired right now by images on the internet and although a tad down that I don't have the money to go out and treat myself to a new holiday wardrobe, I am finding myself rediscovering items I have recently regarded, seeing them in a whole new light. Cheap & cheerful. 
Screen shot 2011-07-05 at 12.00.35

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  1. This is what i want to wear from now until september. Your tan is amazing as well!