Sunday, 7 August 2011

H to the Izzo

Friday I went out for the day with family to a farm. The weather didn't look like it planned to bring good things so I popped on my jeans ( I don't remember the last time I had these on) a plain white t-shirt and my new blue Zara jumper but little did I know I would spend the day melting in the heat of the sun. 
Yesterday it was the start of the football season for my boyfriend's team Charlton Athletic so I accompanied him and two of his friends to the first game. I have never really been into sports (besides NBA the last couple of years, watching Wimbledon, the World Cup & the olympics) but I have been to about 6/7 games now with him and seem to find myself enjoying it more and more every time. This may be down to understanding it a little more with every visit but I found my self cheering, jumping up in joy at goals scored and naming players off the top of my head without any aid. They won 3-0 to Bournemouth so it was an all round success.
It was a lovely surprise to get home to find my boyfriend had bought me a surprise a few days previous and kept it to himself. He had picked me up Jay-Z's Decoded from the book shop and although I had had it on my Amazon wishlist since even before it's release, I had never mentioned it to him so I was over the moon and it really made my day. I am very into my hip hop and Jay-Z is in my top three of all time musical inspirations (Folk rock artist James Taylor and 70's punk band The Clash are the other two) and this book, written by the man himself partly an autobiography but it also discusses his influences and breaks down some of his song lyrics and their meanings and roots. I love books and this book is so very well put together and presented I can't wait to get stuck in with it. 

I am now going to spend my Sunday reading more Swallows and Amazons.
p.s. three weeks yesterday until two weeks holiday in Spain.

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