Thursday, 27 October 2011

Blonde Ambition

(Click to enlarge) Images via Atlantic Pacific
Sometimes inspiration runs dry, you get writers block and you don't know what to do or where to go to get your blood flowing again. I came across these two blogs via the popular section of Bloglovin' and I was blown away by their outfits they had displayed on their separate blogs. Their blogs make me envious on many accounts, firstly because of their beautiful photos, a DSLR is top top of my list, outfit posts go that extra mile when they've been shot with one. The quality is so pristine and clear with the colours, patterns, textures and every small detail given their fifteen minutes of fame whilst they'd go unnoticed and ignored if the photos were taken with anything else. Secondly, their blogs make me envious due to the fact they both appear to love Zara. I love Zara, it is by far my favourite shop but I am currently unable to own the items I love (due to the country's current sad state of affairs), the items they also seem to own coincidently so I'm left weeping over my keyboard whilst at the same time admiring their lovely styles through these beautiful photographs they present to the world.
Once you begin following blogs you find yourself filled with a happiness when you discover really great blogs like these, a feeling you wouldn't know existed before. It truly makes my day and also leaves me with itchy-fingeritis wanting to rush through page after page, wishing I could scroll for infinite.
(Click to enlarge) Images via Late Afternoon
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  1. I love your blog, you write so eloquently. And I know what you mean, I too get envious of all the amazing photos that the top bloggers seem to have when it comes to their outfits! I've recently started posting my outfits online and I still feel awkward in front of the camera so I never seem to look amazing like those other bloggers! As for ZARA, you might want to check eBay for some cheaper alternatives!

    p.s I am now following you!


  2. @Jennifer

    Thanks for the lovely comment Jennifer and for the tip about checking out eBay! I always forget to do that! I still feel quite awkward too in the photographs when I do my own outfit posts, I'd really like a good camera too like you use for your photographs!

    Thanks for following me, I really appreciate it :)

    Holly (@pickletreat)

  3. Haha love love love this blog post!

  4. I LOVE your blog! You're so pretty and stylish! Thanks for being my friends via IFB! I'm a happy follower!

    sherri from SHERRI AMOUR

  5. @Sherri


    Thank you everybody for your kind comments :) I really appreciate it!! You are all very kind!

    Holly (@pickletreat)