Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Marni bow DIY

Drooling over Net-a-Porter this morning at the items so far out of my price range I found myself needing a pair of binoculars to see them (hopefully one day they will go from being just a mere flock of pixels on a screen to a part of my wardrobe but for the time being I will just continue to drool). 
This said cluster of beautiful & refined pixels however has led me to come up with a few ideas for blog posts nonetheless and this morning I present to you one such idea whilst I fiddle about somewhat frustratingly with the other in Photoshop. 

Perusing the shoe section of Net-a-Porter I was left, as ever, in awe over the detail and workmanship of the footwear on offer and was drawn to these Marni shoes available to purchase for only £285. Gulp! Although really in comparison to other shoe prices on there, these are quite a bargain to say the least but I have a cunning plan. A plan so cunning you can brush your teeth with it, so said Blackadder.
Black lace-up shoes like the Marni pair are ever so popular at the moment you can't go shopping without seeing at least one pair in every shop. They are easy to come across but if you are looking to be quite precise in your replication of these then may I suggest these Dr Martens and if you wanted something more polished and shiny then take a look at these from Office.

After you've got your shoe you will need to add the bow.
I browsed the supplies section on Etsy this morning whilst thinking over breakfast what could be used to connect the bows to your shoes. I knew you'd need something without teeth as not to mark the shoe. I thought about alligator clips and although you can purchase some without teeth, they are too long and therefore would be visible when attached to your footwear. I then thought I had the perfect answer, suspender clips, the kind you find at the end of a pair of braces. They are small enough to go unnoticed when they bow is attached, tight enough to keep in place and they also quite often have a special rubber inside to protect your clothing from being marked. 'That's it!' I thought, these were perfect until I stumbled across these small metal fixtures called 'shoe clips'. Now I knew shoe clips existed but I clearly woke up with a screw loose to not allow these to even cross my mind earlier.
Anyway, I found them all over Etsy along with lovely thick vintage velvet ribbon (example) to create the pretty bow. If you want bows like they appear on Marni's then I suggest you go for a ribbon 1 1/2 inch in thickness, this size will also help you hide the clip too. All you would need to do then, is fold the bow into the shape you want and glue it to the shoe clip with a strong glue, holding down on it for a minute or two and then leave to dry.
It's cheap, quick and easy to make as well as giving your shoes a whole new appearance. You don't need to just stick to this style either, you can use all different patterned ribbon or fabric on shoes and boots in every shape and colour.

Once made, attach to your shoes and take them out dancing. 
Screen shot 2011-07-05 at 12.00.35


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