Monday, 21 November 2011

Au revoir Autumn.

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Autumn is about being able to get excited and prepared for December festivities, seeing all the Christmas delights in the shop and tasty home-made baking with the warm scent of cinnamon permeating the air.  The yellows, coppers and golden colours on the trees, leaves gently floating to the ground leaving the trees bare and skeletal, reaching out into the foggy sky. A blanket of frond concealing the earth, pretty evening skies and damp, misty mornings. 

This weekend was spent rather lazily, with my boyfriend and the xbox, Hitchcock films, takeaway pizza and then stargazing from his bedroom window for me, Sunday evening whilst he was at work.
When Christmas approaches I think up lots of crafts I wish to create for the festive season and really never get round to making any but this year will be different. I know this, as just this morning I created this wreath with my own bare hands.
Besides from everything else I chat about and love via my blog, I am indeed quite the crafty person, something I haven't really shown or discussed on here before. 
(If anybody is interested in knowing how I created my wreath, just let me know and I will post a step by step guide on here)
Screen shot 2011-07-05 at 12.00.35


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