Thursday, 17 November 2011

Feminine fancies.

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Both handbags Zara, Underwear Anthropologie, Boucle Capri Pants J. Crew,  Virginia Woolf collection Amazon,
Green Velvet Slipper ASOS, Fox Jumper Auben & Wills, Feathered skirt Mango
Winter time for me, is the time to embrace luxury and all finer things in life. With both a birthday and Christmas scheduled for December it is necessary for me to embody all things sumptuous and magnificent. Even if it falls upon me to purchase said things with my own pocket change. In the aftermath of my enlightenment, where I've been left with an urge to subsume my long forgotten girlish, ladylike and genteel ways I have been carefully collating a few luxe items to dote on in the meantime. 
Pretty, floaty lingerie, the perfect origin to becoming more feminine. Childlike pictured knitwear which always reminds me of my Nan and jumpers she would knit for my brother and I, handbags ideal for a lady, deep green velvet slippers and feathered skirts, boucle capri pants, Penguin's new Virginia Woolf hardback collection and lastly a silk night shirt. Having sat and watched the first two episodes of 'Pan Am' last night on BBC Two, I, along with everybody else who has probably watched it, fell in love the show's styling. I especially fell in love with Colette's pyjamas and proceeded to search across the internet for something similar. 
Screen shot 2011-07-05 at 12.00.35


  1. Love that feathered skirt! So feminine.


  2. @Mindy Erazo

    I know I love the feathered skirt too! This whole collage of items I have found online makes me drool.

    Thanks for the comment Minday :)

    Holly (@pickletreat)