Thursday, 2 February 2012

Matters of interest.

This selection of photos really reflects my consuming passion for beautiful, grand architecture, paintings, my fiery wanderlust, collars over jumpers and finally, my desire to get a new haircut. 
When I stumbled on the photo, top right, I was completely captured by it. I find it so enthralling, the building, the architecture, is so beautiful with it's magnificent high ceilings and delightful staircase. Yet, it quite clearly has been destroyed but despite this it fails to lose it's charm and allure. I am a fellow believer that there is beauty in decay. 
In the lower corner shows a Vanessa Jackman shot from her short stay in Long Island, NY which absorbed me at first sight. I have had a long love affair with North America and the feeling I have, that it is like a child's toy box, filled with an excitement to explore but yet still full of mystery at you may find. This enduring wanderlust finds me observing various states via Google Earth, flicking through large coffee table books filled with magnificent photography, adding fuel to the fire which burns bright, inside me. Vanessa Jackman's photograph's reflect everything I ever believed this area of America would be, fulfilling all my wildest dreams. I have visited Manhattan before which is a complete juxtaposition to Long Island. The latter coincides more with it's New England neighbours, appearing so fresh and natural, with their dainty little houses, fresh produce sold on every corner. A subtle chill which prickles your skin softly with the salty air filling your lungs. A simple, relaxing life where you can appreciate the outdoors in a calm, serene atmosphere.
 I believe this area of America would feel most like home.
Screen shot 2011-07-05 at 12.00.35


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