Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Handpicked trends.

Obviously not every trend is suitable for a person and there are some that don't just work for me based on my personality and style. Off the top of my head the one trend I can say I have never really pursued is the sports look, I have never been athletic to begin with so I would be a walking oxymoron and secondly I much prefer to go for something innocent and feminine.
I have pulled together my most favoured trends from photos and images I have stored on my computer from recent collections. 
Roseanna, Blak, Gat Rimon, Samantha Pleet, Vivetta, Blak
I take fashion as a chance to dress up, take on a new persona. It tends to be quite subtle but in my head I always have a reason for wearing something in connection to perhaps a character in a film or book, an era .etc. and put myself into character for the day. As I mentioned in a previous post, throughout my teens I can't say I was very girly in the way I dressed but now I am more inspired by the dainty looks above, I have a very young looking face so pastels, florals and collars that make me imagine I'm a clown, tend to work for me over tight body-con dresses.
Lonely Hearts, Need Supply Co., Something Else, Wood Wood, Suno
I think it's important to fill your wardrobe with staple items but I am far from taking my own advice on this one, I get so drawn into the details and colours of patterns and prints that I am quick to desert the staples items. I've selected the images above because they bring together the different aspects of a dress which I enjoy wearing: shift, collared, fifties prom, tea and oversized. 
Strummer, ilflor, Lonely Hearts, POP, Strummer, Twenty Seven Names
I don't think I've made it that clear about my enthusiasm for dressing like I'm a young foolish girl caught up in a world of the uniformity of school and seeking adventures. I admit, I've recently gone back to reading Famous Five as a breather between other books and the excitement and mystery filled within the pages equals me wanting to dress like the photos above. Last summer I read Swallows & Amazons and I'm pretty sure this is how the Blackett sisters would have dressed.
Screen shot 2011-07-05 at 12.00.35


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