Saturday, 24 March 2012

Welcome to the world.

I took a break away from the computer yesterday and my mum and I went out for a meal. Last week I had come runner-up in a mother's day competition and received vouchers for GBK in the post, so yesterday my mum and I went and dined on winning burgers and rosemary skinny fries.
Whilst out we took some time afterwards to have a browse in the shops and enjoy the mid-season sales. There were so many steals in Whistles and Hobbs, we were in heaven. Among my favourite places to shop, their clothing has clearly been given the time, consideration and care that it deserves. 

Image via Atlantic Pacific
There aren't many things that can make something cuter than a bow except perhaps a kitten or maybe Joseph Gordon-Levitt's smile? However, women went internationally weak at the knees when Carven first exhibited their bow-back heels but unfortunately giving your heels wings comes at a price. That was until I descried these wonders in Hobbs yesterday and was soon aware, where they had taken their inspiration from. I had always preferred the lower, flat heeled version of the Carven's so it was splendid to see Hobbs had too, when sculpting their carbon copy into shape.

My boyfriend arrived in our shadow as we returned home and I was rushed into heading straight back out with only a couple of minutes to pull myself together. Whilst preparing to leave the shops with my mum a little while earlier, he had text me to reveal his uncle's first child had been born, a beautiful little girl called Ava. With enough time, a cute cuddly kitten was purchased along with a card which cunningly could turn itself into bunting and once I had got home, I hopped from one car to the other and we set out for the hospital. 
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  1. Okay, this is one inspiring post!!
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    1. That's so lovely of you to say, thank you I appreciate your message so much. I hope so too :)

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