Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Lost without our roots.

Today we have the freedom to explore our sense of style without restrictions or limitations and I believe this is very much down to the internet and it's influence on the world. We have enormous access to anything we wish to know, find out and explore without moving from our homes. Of course, everybody knows this, especially so if you are reading this post. 
The point I am really trying to make though is in regards to fashion. A good few years back, I remember people spoke of how the coming together of fashion and the internet would positively break down the barriers between countries' distinct styles, making it easier for people to take inspiration from another nation with photography like street style and with blogs. It was expected that there would be more of a blend across the world and they were right, there now is and I find it a brilliant thing to have happened.
Personal style blogs have cemented their role in fashion now, becoming very influential and whilst I think the barriers people forecasted to crumble have done so, I don't believe countries have lost their individuality. I can get inspired by somebody I see online from Paris, replicate their look with my Breton tops and still the look remains distinct to France. 

Dolce and Gabbana adverts are always rooted by a sense of Italian heritage for example, playing with family traditions and different generations yet the brand's most recent vegetable prints have travelled all around the world and even found their way to Coachella this past weekend. Trends spread easier and are more attainable but stay synonymous to a country. 

This all being said, I was considerably upset to hear yesterday of Aquascutum entering administration. An iconic British brand with tradition at it's forefront, notable for their classic trench coats and worn by the likes of Cary Grant, Michael Caine, Sir Winston Churchill and extremely popular amongst the suffragettes, the brand has played an important role in the moulding of the iconic British look. This raises the question then, despite the British style becoming accessible internationally with blogs and online shopping, what will our countries' distinctive fashions become without the brands there, that helped form them to begin with? 
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  1. really interesting :) i enjoy reading your posts a lot. added you to my favourite blogs list :) x

    1. Thanks Rachel, that's lovely of you :) I'm glad you enjoy reading it,