Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Liberated Levis.

Having stayed at home whilst I studied at university, I wasn't able to experience freedom in the same way as my friends. They will graduate with not only a degree in their chosen field but with a degree in using the washing machine and how to make the perfect pot noodle. This weeks IFB project has got me thinking about freedom and being liberated as American's all over celebrated the 4th of July yesterday and partied into the night whilst I was waking up, getting ready for a new day.

It doesn't take me long to think of an item in my wardrobe that has made me feel the most liberated, my Levis 501 jeans. If you have read my blog before, and most importantly read my post 'I wore my sneakers, but I'm not a sneak' you would know that when I turned 14 my first wage packet went on this baggy denim pair. Although my style has changed and evolved in the 7 years since then, I still keep the jeans in my wardrobe to commemorate this day of freedom. Of course, I had purchased clothes before with pocket money and money given from family members for birthdays but these were different, I had worked hard for these and earned the money to buy them all by myself.
I don't think I could ever throw these away whether in style or out and whether I fit in them or don't. 
To me they aren't just a pair of baggy jeans that I bought in a bid to feel like I was 'hip hop', to me they are a symbol of freedom, a symbol of independence, a symbol of liberation.
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  1. Great post, great for the IFB project!


  2. Hey, lady! Found your blog through the week's IFB "homework."

    I love what you did with this project - and I have a few Levi's, so I can totally relate!

    I see you just started your blog, too - keep up the good work! xx

    -Hallie :)