Wednesday, 28 September 2011

The Office.

Nope, I'm not writing about Gervais and Merchant, I am writing about work wear.
Now I have moved on from education and am on the hunt for a job, envisioning outfits I would wear to work is something that has now occupied a corner of my mind. People seem to often think that whilst at work it's okay to dress in cheap ill fitting black polyester suits, I disagree along with my mother who quite often gets complimented on her attire whilst at her place of work. 
If you enjoy dressing up when you go out with your friends or at the weekends then what's stopping people from doing so at work. Work is quite often the place where you mix with a variety of people from all backgrounds, representing what ever company you are working for, so surely people want to look their best?
There is so much out there that you can pick up to wear to work to make an outfit more individual as well as giving the ensemble a better quality. I understand if you want something with a better fit, quality and something with a bit more individuality it can sometimes cost a few extra pounds but it will last a lot longer than a suit from Primark. Blacks, Navy, Greys and more muted colours are common when people dress for work so it is quite easy to mix and match between only a few staple items whilst creating a different image and look each day. One pair of black 7/8th trousers could be paired with a shirt, a blouse, a tshirt, a cardigan or a jumper. You then have the freedom to add different belts, a jacket, jewellery and shoes, so having maybe a few more expensive staple items allows you to save money in the long run to purchase accessories to give those staple pieces a boost and allow them to look like something completely different than when you wore those trousers or shirt the day before. 
Screen shot 2011-09-28 at 14.52.36
First Outfit: Grey utility skirt (Jaeger), Red cable knit jumper (Topshop), Black bucket bag with snakeskin handle (Zara), Black boots (Kurt Geiger). 
Second Outfit: Turquoise shirt (Topshop), Black spot jacquard trousers (Jaeger), Black clasp bag (Topshop), Black capped toe heels (Office), Red socks (Topshop).
Third Outfit: Grey t-shirt (James Perse), Black leather skirt (NW3 Hobbs), Turquoise clasp bag (Topshop), Two tone capped toe heels (Zara), Red feather necklace (Topshop)

I've put together some styles I will be trying when I'm finally successful with finding a job, it's pretty clear I'm drawn to pairing turquoise and red together!
I think though I would probably pair the third outfit with a jacket or a blazer to add an extra layer of professionalism to the look as the t-shirt may slightly deter from that, which is one reason why these Chanel-esque pumps from Zara were added into the mix, as some others I tried had my eyebrow raised on more than one occasion. It took me longer than normal to make this outfit collage as there were new questions I had to ask myself on matters of sensibility and such. I subconsciously found my hand drawn towards my chin with a long desire to 'hmm' in a thoughtful pose.
Although there are obviously some constraints with your attire when working in such an environment there is definitely a large enough scope to play around and have a bit of fun. 
I know I mentioned about paying a little extra to get some pieces of quality but I myself have only used a few higher ended high street shops, so go forth and go wild.
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