Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Whistle while you work.

I am unsure whether my tastes are changing or what the high street has to offer lately just isn't up to scratch to their normal quality and standard but I am determined to start investing my money into a wardrobe from the higher end of the high street, with shops like Reiss, Hobbs & Jaeger on the agenda. Alongside this I plan to use Etsy more to purchase more individual pieces from bygone eras with a lot more character and substance to what you can get in the shops.
So with this in mind I spent some time today pouring over the websites of aforementioned shops to discover lots of pleasing articles. The Whistles website really got my clock ticking and not just with the items they were happy to exchange for money but also with the way everything was presented. To me Whistles always used to be a shop for ladies at a later stage in life, I don't know if I was being young and  naive or whether I'm right and it was but what they have to offer now is very much in touch with my train of thought. 


The power of presentation and display is often overlooked, I go into shops where mannequins look as if they've come to life overnight and dressed brainlessly in the dark whilst clothes are creased, strewn about the place like the areas been burgled. I don't know about others, but I know I can't shop in that atmosphere and I am often turned off by the experience and in turn have a different opinion on the products. I know I am discussing shops here but I believe the same goes for websites, appearance is key & important to draw people in, get them spending more time on the site and eventually more money.
The Whistles site is really easy to get your head around with beautiful products on sale but what I give a large golden star for, as a customer, is the styling of the products. It's clear the people who style these outfits really take the time to achieve a look of effortless chic without creating a haphazard explosion of clashing disasters like other websites. The clever thing about taking time with the styling benefits a company because for example, I see a jumper and it's love at first sight but with the help of good styling it allows me to see it with a pair of trousers or shoes which I would normally overlook. In this scenario right now I am adding this jumper to my basket all the while I am thinking about those bottoms that they've paired it with on the site, the thought of the soft fibres brushing against my calfs and questioning if I'd survive going without food for a week so I can add them to the basket as well.
Voila, Whistles you got me spending more money and all the while I am strutting my way around Kent feeling great in my new clothes.
So to Whistles I say thank you from the bottom of my heart for encouraging me to dig to the bottom of my purse. I am always very happy to accept a little encouraging when it comes to fashion and spending my money. 
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