Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Ola Senorita.

Everything on the runways at the recent fashion weeks have been quite African/Tribal inspired with regards to fabric and patterns with dips into fifties and twenties silhouettes from other designers. It was nice then to see Spain as an inspiration for Moschino with traditional referencing to Matador's and bull fighting. 
With the banning of bull fights in Barcelona only the other day, it gives the collection a much stronger significance to current affairs especially on a topic that is quite questionable in terms of ethics. Despite the brutality of bull fighting, the Matador's outfits are undeniably magnificent. I disagree with the idea of bull fighting and apart from that aspect the clothing, the beautiful arenas that the fights are displayed and the idea of tradition, I find it all quite romantic. These details of the 'entertainment' could all remain even with the banning of it through museums and with tourist interest and the history and tradition will always remain without savage and cruel form of recreation.
I am reminded of Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises with thoughts of thick humid air amid the dusty streets filled with celebration and careless happiness. Idyllic scenes of the insouciance youth of America in Europe looking for a good time, merry and high on life and it's finer things that they are unable to differentiate between night and day.

Besides from the Matador inspired outfits there were more feminine angles taken by Moschino to the American Southwest/Spanish themed collection which also encapsulated flamenco dancers with frilled dresses, rich yellow and turquoise coloured accents, gold religious jewellery and pretty headpieces. 
I was reminded of Frida Kahlo while viewing this collection, with defined brows, hair plaited round and the floral headpieces it was easy to see the iconic artist shining through, throughout the collection. 
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