Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Reel your neck in.

With this new adoration and longing to have more of a bustling jewellery box I have been on the hunt for new pieces, unfortunately not to buy as my pockets appear to be empty along with my purse and bank account. Nonetheless there is no harm in looking and keeping my eye on for the future especially with my birthday being in just over 2 months time. 
The Man Repeller has been successful in attracting me to the designer jewellery label, Dannijo and after visiting their website I can guarantee you will be thinking up excuses to spend that amount of money on a necklace. Along with the necklace in the previous post, this is my other favourite but even with a job I wouldn't be able to come up with enough excuses to warrant me buying it, and besides I would have to go without other vital necessities like shoes and dresses for a month or two to get this little baby.
I have been on the look out and have spent some time on Etsy skimming through to realise that I could get something very similar to this for a much cheaper price. There were so many in this style, so many to go through that I have just added two below that I have favourited myself.
They aren't as big as the Dannijo one but being much cheaper I guess wouldnt be a crime to purchase a couple to then wear together?
On my travels through the assortment of vintage and handmade items on Etsy I came across these necklaces from the shop Spike the Punch, similar to the ones above but with the inclusion of neon rhinestones. Fluoro to me, only looks good when it is used carefully, placing accents of it amongst your ensemble and not all over, to save yourself looking like you're at a neon freshers rave. I personally find that neon works well with nude tones and thus these necklaces are quite the treat. 
Noble House Design another shop I stumbled upon sell large chunky beaded necklaces, they are a bit more expensive than the other necklaces from Etsy I have suggested in this post but I actually think they would be quite easy to recreate yourself, something I am willing to try and have a go at!
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