Sunday, 30 October 2011

Artefact of the moment: Charles Dickens

'Any man may be in good spirits and good temper when he's well dressed.'

- Charles Dickens

There are a few reasonings behind me posting this quote. My boyfriend is going out with his work for Halloween tomorrow evening and when deciding what to wear,  he felt uncomfortable in this red with white polka dot shirt he bought once and has never worn. I personally think it looks stupendous on him but he doesn't seem to agree. I proceeded to tell him that when wearing clothes it is important that you feel comfortable and confident otherwise you feel silly, people will look at you and agree whereas if you are confident, people will see that in you and your outfit. This Dickens quote to me represents this idea, if you look good you will feel good, and if you feel good, you will look good. I am aware I just repeated myself by just moving the position of two words but I am sure you understand. If you have one you will have the other too, they go hand in hand. 
Besides from this discussion with my boyfriend, I was also drawn to posting this quote as after a light browse across Penguin's Classics site I discovered that it is indeed Charles Dicken's 200th anniversary next year. I am sure any Brit is proud to have such a notable author tied to their culture but when you live where I do, you are just that bit more of a Dickensian patron. Charles Dickens for many years lived in my area and a lot of descriptions of settings within his novels are taken from around these parts. There is a festival twice a year and to be honest you can't move for commercial businesses making reference to him in there name.
One thing I do tend to do on my blog is build bridges between fashion and the arts, most often enough, literature.
I believe it is quite apt as there is so much that can be taken from literature to teach us about style, books and authors give us rules and signature guidelines that history has proven are timeless.
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