Sunday, 30 October 2011

Artefact of the moment: Magic Unicorns

I've tried to be more forward thinking and sensible of late when it comes to new clothes and pieces for my wardrobe. I find before I'd take rash decisions and snap up items because I liked them there and then. It was in vogue at that moment in time and I had the money so I would buy it without thinking about a few months down the line when I would make the 'I have nothing to wear' statement when clearly I did but it was no longer on trend. I now find myself lusting after more timeless classic pieces that will always be in fashion and you could wear over and over again, mix and matching items because they are quite simple and chic. I stand by this new outlook I have when thinking about clothes but this still doesn't mean I don't tend to stray a bit, it's just not as much as I used to. 
I am catching up on my artefact of the moment's as this weekend I have been quite busy. Friday I spent time with my boyfriend before we got ready and went out to celebrate his best friend's birthday where I drank enough to leave me ill the next day. After a valiant attempt at pulling myself together Saturday morning we were up and out of the house early to visit Greenwich park and the Maritime museum with his two teeny weenie cousins. Later that evening my boyfriend and I settled down to watch some scary films just in the spirit of Halloween, as it is something we both despise. 
Back to the post in hand, I seem to have fallen a little for these fun shorts from Topshop covered in unicorns despite my new fashion ruling of sticking to timeless pieces. It is a perfectly suited 'artefact of the moment' for yesterday as I spent a long car journey sitting between two small human beings in conversation about magic unicorns and dragons. I enjoyed teasing as I proclaimed that I was well aware their unicorn wasn't magic like mine but rather just a horse with an ice cream cone stuck to it's head. 
There my new rule has now been adapted: stick to timeless pieces with maybe, on occasion something I may not find cool next season. 
Screen shot 2011-07-05 at 12.00.35

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  1. These shorts are so cute!