Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Artefact of the moment: Snakeskin Boots

A bit split today with what I was going to exhibit, a beautiful black and white image of a young 24 year old Colin Firth or these snakeskin Topshop boots. Seeing as I already presented a real life human being yesterday I didn't want to be so unvaried so early on with these posts so I've gone for the boots. 
It is such a lovely photo though, maybe I'll show you another time. 
Now back to our regularly scheduled programme, the boots. Snakeskin is such a delight to work with when putting together outfits because it is superb at getting along with everything and anything, especially such a neutral colour like this pair. If it were a human it would be the kind that has the ability to get along with everybody, their dogs, the milkman and his dog too. Everybody knows somebody like this and for me it's my cousin. She is the human snakeskin. 
Anyhow, the other thing I appreciate about this pair of boots is the heel. They are not too high that you can't wear them during the day but they are also just the perfect height to be able to wear them of a night when you are out on Disco Mountain somewhere showing the dancefloor some love, Tony Manero style. 
They are ultra versatile and if I listen carefully enough I can hear them hissing at me to put them on my birthday list. 
Screen shot 2011-07-05 at 12.00.35


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