Tuesday, 11 October 2011

The days of dolor.

Kingsley Amis (Girl, 20)/Rosettes/Grey Jersey Vest (Weekday)/Pink Perspex Clutch (Kurt Geiger)/
Dr Marten Mary Jane's/Doutzen Kroes for Muse Fall 2011/Fashion Is Endless/Ernest Hemingway (A Moveable Feast)
As the beauteous colours of spring and summer fade, an overcast looms.
Down beneath these bleak skies the trees begin to scatter their leaves.

The change in season has me weighing up my life and what I want to take from it. I feel inspired more than ever but without an income at this moment in time, it unfortunately can only stay as inspiration.
The days move by faster and the weeks are so quick to become last week. 
I am spending my days trying to find my feet, wanting an auspicious life, not so much vocational but more so that I can be happy in what I am doing. 
These desolate days have drawn me to being inspired by images of spaces and their orderly approaches as shown in the lower left hand of the above picture. I think this is down to my yearning to have a more engaging & busy lifestyle, giving me something to organise and arrange. 
A desire to read, to fade into various authors boundless, imaginary worlds leaving me wishing I was a different character, in a different time and a different place. The same can be said for clothing that has captivated me, to a time of regress as a child at school, chunky mary-jane Dr Martens to be worn with little socks & clear perspex clutch bags that resemble old pencil cases. 

I keep my spirits high nonetheless as I know I am not sitting this out in solitude, I'm not alone as a graduate feeling like this.
So I shall continue on, silently sanguine. 
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