Monday, 24 October 2011

Look for the, bare necessities...

Edie Campbell via unknown, Daria Werbowy via Nothing is Original... & glasses by Lifestyle Lennon

Taking a break from my lust filled desires I need to discuss the small matter of necessities in my life. 
I know that in a short while a little stream of money will trickle into my world and before I go treating myself there are a few items on my checklist that need, well, checking off. 
Besides obviously christmas and my mothers birthday there are a few chores I need to see to for myself.

Deliberating over it for the last couple of weeks I have finally decided to take the plunge and get my hair snipped in order to replicate Edie's fringe, above. I won't lie I have a bit of a curious phobia of the hairdressers, I would choose a trip to the dentist over getting my hair cut any day of the week. I've found through experience hairdressers rarely fathom my descriptions of how I want my hair to look resulting in it seldom looking anything like I envisioned it, leading to great disenchantment and a vow never to have it cut again. It's the same every time.
I've plucked up the courage and want my fringe to be a tad dishevelled, nothing too blunt as my ample cheeks and all together orb-like face (or a pea as my mum describes it) wouldn't take kindly to looking even more globule than it already does and trust me, it is possible. From my experience at life so far I have learnt two things about my hair, blunt fringes do not work and neither do bobs that find themselves finishing alongside my chin. It's that spherical face of mine and it's okay I know everyone is thinking it, just some of you aren't as forthright in saying it as my year 11 science teacher who halted the class to a deafening silence, slap bang in the middle of explaining the electromagnetic spectrum in order to question me directly and so openly on whether I realised how 'perfectly spherical' my head was. Now if he had taught me three years previous to this interrogation he would have known I had reached enlightenment in terms of my coiffure the day my 12 year old self queried her reflection in the mirror on why her freshly cut bob flicked in at one side and out on the other. Nonetheless I am taking the plunge and in no way at all meaning to sound conceited I know longer, more rough around the edge fringes work best for me. 

Elsewhere on the list there is the case of wanting new glasses. My prescription Ray Ban wayfarers I wear are too big to say the least; I know I described how rounded it was but it doesn't mean that my head is large, thank you very much. 
Anyway, when I discovered my eyesight had deserted me I was so eager to appreciate detail again I ignored the fact the right size for me was out of stock and went ahead and just ordered a larger size instead. Besides being too big they are getting a bit scuffed and ultimately I'd like to have an option with what pair of glasses I decide to put on each day so I've decided to choose something with more of a circular rim and this Lifestyle Lennon pair are just ideal.

Finally, you'd think with my 22nd birthday being just 5 and a half weeks away I would have stopped being so immature but unfortunately I haven't and play fighting with my boyfriend and his sister a few months back led me to haplessly create pretty sizeable holes in the crotch of my jeans, thus the need for a new pair. A new pair which will stop me feeling so darn anxious in public.
P.S, a fresh new white tee wouldn't go a miss either, married with my lovely new jeans. The kind of jeans where there are only three holes in them and not five. 
Screen shot 2011-07-05 at 12.00.35


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