Sunday, 23 October 2011

Midnight In Paris

Woody Allen's Midnight In Paris is such an inspired film, I could easily take on the role of Owen Wilson as all that he loves, is also so precious to me. The golden age of Twenties Paris is an ever growing love of mine and this film furthers the fondness that flows through my veins, swirling around my body in a mad rush. Allen's film has such a sweet sentiment & charm to it, introducing Owen Wilson's character from 2010 to the likes of the outspoken Hemingway and his rugged, red blooded masculinity, the unconventional yet extremely comical trio Man Ray, Dali & Bunuel, the infatuated Zelda & F.Scott Fitzgerald as well as a whole host of other absorbing intellectuals of the time.
Allen creates a riveting dreamlike world out of Twenties Paris for the protagonist played by Owen Wilson, a writer infatuated with this era, in need of help & inspiration for his book. A principal theme is nostalgia and the idea that the grass is always greener. He allows the audience to experience and share the frenzied excitement and ardent passion Wilson's character has when he steps back in time by creating modern characters appear empty in terms of emotions and imagination. Michael Sheen's character has the intellect and knowledge of a large myriad of topics yet he is pedantic (how Carla Bruni's role as the museum guide describes him) and tedious. His intelligence is well contrasted alongside the various Twenties characters with the wisdom of Stein and the creativity of Picasso for example. 
As the Golden Age is a fervent love of mine much like Wilson's character, I am unsure whether the appeal and draw to the topics in this film would lure in everybody, however it is beautifully composed in it's setting and styling with a romantic magical atmosphere, a pleasant cast who encapsulates their roles leaving you feeling quite spellbound as the credits roll. It is definitely worth watching even if this era isn't typically appealing to the individual viewer, as towards the end of the film you see that this is merely constructed to raise questions about your own dreams. For me it was whether I am blinded and do I too believe the grass is greener on the other side and if the age we live in now doesn't appear so romantic and enchanting as times gone by, how will people in the future view it when they look back?

Images via Magnifique Marion Cotillard
As a side note I would like to direct my attentions to the delightful Marion Cotillard whose acting I just adore, she is amongst my favourite actresses with her exceptional ability to be a feisty, independent female whilst remaining quite delicate and vulnerable. 
This film has an array of beautiful women in who are all represented differently, especially through their styling and for me Cotillard steals the show with her fringed, sparkly outfits and those pretty drop waist dresses. 
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  1. It was truly a great movie. Very inspiring and the pariasian feeling was amazing!

  2. Absolutely LOVED this movie as I also am in love with Owen's character and passions indicated in this film. We've got some similarities I believe...started following you so I can read more of your posts :)

    Adrienne <3

  3. @Adrienne


    Thank you both for your comments, I adore Cinema as much as I love fashion so it's really great to hear from other people.
    Thank you both for taking time to read my post and look at my blog, I really appreciate it and it means a lot to me.

    Holly (@pickletreat)