Friday, 4 November 2011


Having blogged about dressing like a school student during the day yesterday, I went ahead and did just that last night as I went out to London to attend a photography exhibition where my brother's work was showing. I wore an old Zara grey dress as a pinafore over a Peter Pan collared shirt and tied a bow around my neck with a simple piece of black ribbon bought from a haberdasher's. I then donned my black leather jacket (Zara) and added a touch of Mac's 'Rebel' lipstick to my lips.
Screen shot 2011-07-05 at 12.00.35


  1. Love the outfit! You look so cute! The lipstick adds a nice touch!

    sherri from SHERRI AMOUR

  2. @Sherri

    Thanks Sherri! I added the lipstick so I didn't end up looking too young especially with the look I was going for! I turn 22 in a month but I do get mistaken for being like 7 years younger a lot! Haha

    Holly (@pickletreat)