Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Oh hello there.

Well, what can I say? This has been a very long interim and I must therefore apologise. 
I got caught up with work, which got caught up with time and left me feeling tremendously tired after each day. Finding myself being able to asleep anywhere, it sucked all motivation from me and my little fingers and brain only could find strength and solace in using tumblr to keep that inspired fire burning. 
Christmas came and was over within a blink of an eye and we were soon catapulted into the New Year with baby's born onto the backing of a rap song and the revelation that Radiohead as well as Dre & Snoop will be performing at this years Coachella whilst I quietly sob into a pillow. 
Not only do we wake up every morning to discover the previously unknown via twitter or the news but each new year leaves us longing for the promises of directors and the releases of their new films. Like a teacher, Baz Luhrmann, I would like to quietly pull you aside and utter my dismay at having to wait until Christmas maybe longer to receive your homework and watch Jay Gatsby's demise roll out on screen. Oh and Walter Salles, don't even get me started on you, it appears you haven't even handed in a trailer yet to be marked.
However, I have returned back to my blog with four new pairs of shoes, a new creative lust to turn my bedroom into a Parisian boudoir and the notion that Tender is the Night is indeed a much better story than The Great Gatsby. 
I will end this post here as I have felt quite shy towards writing it, giving me flashbacks to my very first  post on this blog. The feeling of an awkward greeting between an old friend where you have to re-introduce yourself and quickly acquaint with missed saga's of the times that just slipped by, under both of your feet.
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