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Fashion Month: The Best Bits - Part 1

As a fashion graduate, I have been left feeling obligated to my ever distant education to keep myself updated with the world of fashion. It isn't too strenuous for me then when I have practically dedicated my life to it and I think it will remain this way for pretty much all time. 
So, despite still dealing with the depressing, frigid and miserable climatic tendencies of A/W '11, everyone in fashion is too busy psyched about A/W '12. 
Images: Nina Ricci via
My selection begins with my two preferred looks from the Nina Ricci show. What I worship about both of these images, is the effortlessness of the ensemble. Representing the epitome of evening wear dressing, it ticks all the boxes. The silk glides across the skin, provocative thigh high slits, fur and deep red lips. Extremely seductive and feminine looks whilst remaining quite covered up.
Fur has made a lot of appearances within the shows this time around and despite being a vegetarian myself, you can't deny the way it makes a woman sophisticated. 
Images: Antonio Marras via
Fur made it's impression at the Antonio Marras show which I have come to realise was one of my favourite shows of the month. Here, I was captivated by more sophisticated evening looks with slightly oversized coats and luxe materials. Shapes to hide your frame, keeping the look elegant and not frumpy. I'm not normally a disciple of clashing prints; mostly due to the fact I struggle with it myself, but having viewed the A/W season, it is what I have been most adoring of, in retrospect. 
The pyjama trend is still relevant and although a curiosity to some, it has been hugely admired by myself.
The handsome pair of silk crops above is an excellent way to take on the night and the more lavish events with a touch of masculinity.
Images: Antonio Marras via
Two more outfits from the Marras show I couldn't go without including due to my admiration for the styling and the ease in which the patterns merge. 
Images: Burberry Prorsum via
I was able to catch the live stream for the Burberry show on their website and my goodness was it beautiful. With a long eminent guestlist watching in anticipation on the front row, Christopher Bailey continues to transform the trench coat each season into something completely newfangled. Who knew such an iconic item could be so versatile. Autumnal colours of the countryside, clothing which were befitting societies upper-crust on a hunting trip away at their country estate. 
Roomy pockets, peplums and William Morris-esque prints.
Images: Michael Van Der Ham and Louise Gray via
Since his first show for S/S '11 in 2010, I haven't had a strong affinity for Michael Van Der Ham's work, I put this down to having been picked his name to work on for a monstrous project whilst at university, that perhaps I may have grown to despise him for consuming my life for a brief period of time. However, after creating this collection I am willing to start our relationship afresh. Not always do I lust after a designer ensemble because of the wearability and in this case, the dress above wins over my heart because of the choice and combination of colours. 
Michael Van Der Ham builds his collections from combining other articles of clothing (quite often other designers past creations) to create a new hybrid garment. Yet again, the key word here is 'clash'. Clashing was 'subtly' a part of Louise Gray's show, excuse the sarcasm and out of the whole show, this look (above right) was the only one I enjoyed, and even then it is just the coat and dress matching combo that has me on my knees, throwing every other aspect away from my imagination. It plays on two of my favourite aesthetics, matching pieces and coats that end at the same point as the dress. 
Images: Proenza Schouler and Derek Lam via
Oriental prints paired with long sleeve, deconstructed dress at Proenza Schouler and more mismatching of prints at Derek Lam. 
Images Meadham Kirchoff and Marc by Marc Jacobs via
I own a Meadham Kirchoff dress from when they partnered with Topshop for a more affordable collection to sell via the high street and my goodness, it couldn't be more further from this collection. Ragdolls on acid is how I would go about describing it, and like the Louise Gray collection, I didn't enjoy anything on show apart from one look. The fluoro layered tea dress is something I would happily wear without hesitation.
Layered tea dresses found themselves at Marc by Marc Jacobs as well but in not so an eccentric manner. The whole show made me conjure up images of what boarding school to be like, with the floral print taking on the role of rebellion trying to break out. 
Images: Marc by Marc Jacobs and Carven via
Tailored wool at both Marc by Marc Jacobs and Carven has me thinking of young children in the concrete playground. School uniforms for grown-ups is something I am always in favour of. 
Images: Marc by Marc Jacobs and Elizabeth & James via
My final favourite from Marc by Marc Jacobs was this, owing to the polka dots and metallics. The glimmer of lustrous threads were present at Elizabeth & James where they matched their more somber brocade with slipper shoes, long gloves and a fur neckbrace generating a ladylike facade through the assistance of accessorises. 
Images: Marchesa and Dolce and Gabbana via
Lastly, I approved of other designers fully encompassing the beauty of metallics to produce covetous decadence. In the above Marchesa coat, the tulle bursts from beneath the oriental print whilst Dolce and Gabbana, as always, pay homage to the traditions of Italy with their opulent collection. Although they have a tendency to sometimes be kitsch in their designs, I utterly adore this outfit, making me question why I never longed to be a princess as a child. 
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