Thursday, 15 March 2012

Thank you.

After reorganising my blog last week with a new look, I have had great feedback from followers this past week and it has really put me in high spirits with everyone's lovely comments and getting new followers. Hello to you all! 
I am really interested in taking my blog to the next level and have been thinking about posting more frequent personal style photos and have also set up a Pinterest account (finally, after a few problems) which you can follow me on, below.

Follow Me on Pinterest
I also have a twitter account which you can find on the right, if you like to tweet and are interested in following me. 
Thank you again to everybody that reads my blog and for all the wonderful comments. 
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  1. thanks for followig me on my blog! urs is cute too so i'll be following you for sure!what about following each other?:)

    1. Thanks Mery for your lovely comment! You are welcome,