Saturday, 22 February 2014

Ostriches & Flamingos

The new year has meant getting finances in order. I think at the tender age of 24, it's time I start being more sensible with money, instead of being an ostrich and burying my head in the sand. I normally transfigure into the feathered flightless creatures around the middle of the month. Without making excuses for myself, I put this down to my anxiety and fear of relapsing into depression and not just being irresponsible with money. I have found within the last year, I have hardly treated myself to many delights so it's not like I go on a pay day spending spree at the end of each month. 
However, February 2014 has been the start of this new economical me. Much to my delight I have treated myself on quite a few occasions, paid all my bills and debts whilst leaving myself with quite a healthy sum. 
This being said, I plan to be particularly frugal during this last week and not spend anymore but rather wait until pay day where I can reward myself sufficiently with some more treats.
I use my Pinterest each month to collate all that I desire so I know there is always a comforting place I can go to admire that, which is not mine. However, now I can admire them and look forward to purchasing them with my own hard earned money without fearing the black dog bringing me down. 
Babbling aside, below are some of the items I have been ogling in preparation for the end of this month.

Fixated with bags disguised as objects which aren't bags, this past month I have ordered a Olympia Le Tan-esque milk carton and am currently coveting the Lulu Guinness eye so I can become a perpetual cyclops for the rest of my days. Alongside this, see's the popcorn box which, you guessed it, is also actually a bag. I don't think an item I like passes me by without me envisioning a character or scenario I see myself in, if I were to own it. Predictably, I would like to vanquish the cinema-going drought my illness dragged me into and hit the screens (my loathing for popcorn aside) with this flung over my arm.
Beyond that, there is just a sea of flamingos, periwinkle blues, knitted polo's and shoes that make it seem as if a young gentleman has been frolicking beneath a cherry blossom tree. 


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