Saturday, 22 February 2014

As If!

It feels as though the world is blanketed in Nineties-esque tartan and plaid lately, not that I'm complaining. In fact, it led me to spend time with an old cinematic flame. The other evening, I sat and watched Clueless and lusted over Cher's wardrobe and when I say wardrobe, I quite literally mean her wardrobe. It's the film's twentieth anniversary next year, so why aren't computer compatible wardrobes a thing yet?
Regardless of my vexation for the lack in computer-aided closet technology in our modern society, I'm pretty obsessed with the idea of matching check suits, teeny handbags and fluffy backpacks. The latter, of which, would be a mere accessory and not large enough to function properly as a bag, leading me to cradle my belongings in my arms. 
One notable article of clothing I must admit to enjoying as I revisited this film though, is Cher's long see-through shirts that she wears between layers. Carven's SS14 runway show last year, exhibited pastel Cher-like outfits, including transparent candy floss cardigans that would be right up Cher's street. Can I find this kind of item within shops though? Na-uh. It appears, the high-street is a little bit tardy on the uptake.


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