Monday, 21 April 2014

Club Tropicana.

It amuses me when I pull all my wishes and my cravings together, how often they create a seamless link between one another. I didn't plan to produce this colour pattern or this tropical theme of exoticness (if that is infact a word) and yet I have ended up with an array of turquoise and watermelon pinks, alongside beaded pineapples and flamingos.  
Taking a step away from my school uniformed/grandpa-esque attire, I'm reaching out to distant shores of a warmer climate. The recent trend with pastel tones seems to have evolved into fruitier, more fluorescent shades as Summer swiftly approaches. Comfort and ease is the way I plan to work with this colour palette, the vibrancy speaks for itself, especially so when patterns are involved too. I have no plans to step foot on any distant shores this year unfortunately but that doesn't mean I can't embrace the suitable wardrobe for a Caribbean trip within the walls of my own home. If I want to drink a Pina Colada, wear sunglasses and bathe in the tub in my swimming costume, I will do so. 


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