Wednesday, 7 May 2014

From Day to Night: Making Skincare a Routine.

I didn't even begin to wear mascara until I was 16. 
I have recollections of standing around in the bathroom's at school, waiting for my friends to finishing touching up their make-up during our lunch break. I personally was never too phased and haven't ever really been so, since.
That is, until now. I'd like to thank/blame YouTube for that. YouTube has opened my eyes up to a whole world of Pixiwoo, Viviannadoesmakeup, Zoella and Lily Pebbles, among others. In turn, they leave me feeling as if it is essential I own the entire content's of their haul. They are either incredibly persuasive or I am just too much of a sucker for it all. 

One thing positive to come from my little beauty sugar-filled dreams though, is how important it is to care for you skin. It obviously keeps you looking younger and healthy as the days roll in but it also is where a flawless base for your cosmetics begins. I suffer horribly with dry skin down the centre of my face and there is nothing more frustrating than watching your skin morph into that of a lizard's, after applying all your pretty products.
It wasn't long before those darn vloggers had be seriously considering a skincare routine. Thankfully, I wasn't so easily manipulated in shelling out half of my wages on fancier moisturisers...yet. I know I am a fad girl, I go through phases with regards to what takes up my time and decided as much as I'd like to work on a routine, I could be too lazy one day to cooperate with my moisturiser and slowly I'd watch it all come crashing down from there. Economically, I realised I should start out with the cheaper products along the spectrum, until I have faith in myself that I will be consistent and productive in keeping up a routine. Perhaps, then I would consider investing in higher end bits which potentially give my skin a better experience with life. 
So, as you can see from the photo, the products I picked up are all from drugstores (bar the Laura Mercier Body Souffle). Especially with the emphasis on dewy, hydrated looking skin currently on trend, I picked myself up a Brightening Radiance Balm from Superdrug's Naturally Radiant range. It isn't as hydrated as I expected it to be and I find I get a lot more glow and moisture from my basic Cold cream. After a couple of days of using my new skin care products, I realised I was tragically allergic to one of the products when my face became consumed by a horrible rash. After a few days of testing, I whittled it down to the Boots' Botanics Cleansing Toner. The packaging is deceiving in making the product appear very natural and organic but really is packed full of acid's.
For £3.99, the YesTo Cucumber Facial Wipes really work a treat. I highly recommend these, with Lily Pebbles & Anna from Viviannadoesmakeup mentioning them in one of their video's I gave them a go. They don't feel harsh against my skin and can remove make-up in a few easy strokes.

Finally, once the day is through and night draws in, I have taken to applying B. Enriched Restorative Facial Oil before I catch some Z's. Now, this is a huge step for me because I have had a lifetime distain and fear of oil on my skin but if I need to overcome my phobia's in pursuit of healthier skin, than so be it. In reality, I found it sank in to my skin quickly whilst still feeling like it was enriched enough with the product to have an effect. It also felt really quite luxurious in the process. The results in the morning were pure heavenly, not only was my skin left feeling hydrated, smooth and silky but I had a lovely even skin tone to work as a base for my make-up. This in turn left me needing to put a light coverage of foundation on, giving me my desired natural finish. 


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