Sunday, 13 July 2014

Work // Back to Black

You may mistake me for being a witch but it really isn't the case.
For the past 2 years of my working life I haven't been confined to a strict dress code and therefore have been able to express myself in which ever way I see fit from day to day. To many this is heaven, especially for those I work alongside who are bound to the wonderful tones and variations of the colour black. However, I have recently been presented with an opportunity to start a new chapter in life, open a new door and walk down a new path.
I've seen myself grow in more ways than I thought possible within the past two years, learning new skills and positive characteristics about myself I never thought I would possess. I feel ready to accept new challenges, confident I am in a position to do so successfully.

This new door, however, entails I join my ebony-sporting colleagues in attire fit for a Richard Curtis prequel, Four funerals and a wedding. I've had laughter and confusion from some on how my life could possibly persevere with such restrictions. It must seem outrageous that somebody whose life is led by the clothes on their back, could survive in such a bleak oppressed world. Yet, somehow, I am beyond excited. People seem to forget, clothing and fashion goes beyond colour. Yes, colour is extremely important but what about shape and style? People believe dressing in all black is a restriction but I disagree, it has nothing to do with colour but more to do with the individuals restricted outlook.

Personally, for me, none of the below connote a sense of boredom in terms of the person's style. Expressed across all photograph's, is something classic, flattering, timeless and smart.

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