Thursday, 16 June 2011

Un Vodka tónica para el señor Warhol

After reading the latest Harper's I have to say it left me feeling pretty envious of Jade Jagger. Many people have an issue with rockstar's offspring, famous for nothing. I have never seemed to let the issue phase me, my opinion differs from person to person. Stella, yes. Peaches, no. 
This piece however isn't about what they have achieved now, the article, if you haven't read it, is written by Jade Jagger herself and talks about her time spent as a child in Long Island. She casually describes how she would sit and draw with Andy Warhol after a long day at school, go on wild walks collecting natural artefacts with New York photographer Peter Beard and how she taught the two of them along with Halston to play monopoly and backgammon all before her age reached double figures. 
I became instantly covetous of the wild childhood I imagine she had had, travelling from continent to continent, caught in the crazy notions spoken by the mouths of these passionate visionaries. To imagine a world where these creatives are just normal people and you can shift between cultures in a blink of an eye without a care in the world, a Utopian world, where all is bliss. 
I sit and daydream all day through, fantasising about going on adventures and all the while there is Jade Jagger who has lived and breathed my pipe dream, so casually and so free. 

Halston, Bianca Jagger & Andy Warhol at Studio 54, New York
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Don't be mistaken I am not a green eyed monster just someone with a fanciful notion. 

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