Wednesday, 13 July 2011


I graduated today and it was just the best! I was so nervous and secretly dreading it this morning if I'm going to be honest but seeing everyone else in the same position as me, dressed in the same gowns, I didn't feel alone and made the most of it.  
I wore an orange shift dress from Zara, Zara snakeskin & black suede kitten heels with a slap of Brighton Rock Topshop lipstick as well as my Hogswartish gown. I had to attend Rochester Cathedral annually for seven years whilst at secondary school so it was nice to visit again for a ceremony and be there to celebrate with everyone from my course. 
My mother, father, auntie & boyfriend came as guests and after returning my gown and having a quick drink back at university post ceremony we went and had some delicious French food in Cafe Rouge before returning home.
My attitude and thoughts towards my course and university over the three years has sometimes been positive and sometimes negative but today cemented for me how much I have learnt, achieved and changed as an individual whilst there. I have met some great people who have given me the best laughs of my life and I am proud to have celebrated this day with them and ended it all on such a high. 

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