Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Two of a kind.

I have always been enchanted by clothing, I believe that fashion is art expressed through an individuals styling choice. I have never understood when people exclaim how they don't like shopping somewhere because they will end up wearing the same clothing as everybody else? Following the definition of 'art' and applying creative skill and imagination to an outfit can turn an item of clothing that not only your next door neighbour, the girl who sits two seats in front in English and your cousin's best friend's girlfriend but every other Tom, Dick & Harry (or should that be Tina, Debbie & Harriet) owns, into something completely personal and individual. I am a firm believer that clothing should be an expression of yourself.
art 1 |√§rt|nounthe expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form.
Although enchanted from a young age it wasn't until I entered my teens did I become really enthusiastic. I read a post today on how loving something so much can hurt, which at first I found odd but then realised this was due to the fact that I knew exactly what the writer meant and felt, it had just never crossed my mind. My relationship with fashion is so intimate and intricate that it hurts. My heart just implodes, the feeling goes beyond desire and sitting here now I realise, the feeling goes beyond words. It might sound silly when reading this but I am sure everybody out there feels this way towards something (besides a living being) you just need to sit and think about it.
The root of my enthusiasm when I think back really lends it's self to three people, firstly my mother who swaddled me in her pretty, delicate clothing whilst I developed and grew during those embryonic 9 months. 
It is lovely to have a mum who has taught me not only how to read and write but how to dress and to not be afraid or worry about what other people think. It is even lovelier however, to have grown to an age where we can now respectfully learn from one another and I can teach her a thing or two.
The other two people, to me are the Castor and Pollux of fashion, from a young age they guided me down a path and helped me define my own style through the years. Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen are so embedded in my spirit now that they have become the old wise people you tend to find in myths and legends. I know if I am lost for inspiration I can always turn to them and they'll put me back on track.
There is just so much to love about MKA, for me even down to the littlest of things: the way they walk the streets with 'just out of the shower' wet hair, their often frayed hem-less trousers which I like to imagine have been cut due to their little stature, their unabashed attitude to wearing something over and over (sometimes until it falls apart) and despite their fortunes, their sisterly sharing of garments, to name but a few examples. 
I won't stop doting over the pair, not even my boyfriend's constant jokes about 'New York Minute' being in my DVD pile can hold me back so I have decided to share a few of their most recent outfits which I rejoice in seeing.
Images via tumblr & Olsens Anonymous
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  1. aww- i love your story. my mama inspires me, as well...