Tuesday, 27 September 2011

The cupboard was bare.

I wouldn't say I was a jewellery kind of girl; which I often feel is what's missing when it comes to finishing an outfit off when I am getting ready to go out. I will know what kind of jewellery the outfit needs but outside of these hours, I tend not to think too much about it and it's not until I need it do I realise it's gone over my head and like old mother hubbard, my cupboard is bare. The cupboard in this case is my jewellery box and I'm not searching for a bone to give to my dog but a necklace to ornament my neck.
Everybody lusts after different things, and where my aunt fawns over jewellery with something new adorning her body every time I see her (which is at least once a week) I tend to fawn over every other component of an outfit bar this. I occasionally slip on a statement piece when I am going somewhere special but other than that I tend to stick with the same two delicate silver and gold necklaces alongside some plain pearl earring studs. 
I don't know why this is but as of today, I have decided, it needs to change. 
When I have been getting out of the house in the evenings lately, I have been throwing on my large tribal metallic necklace (pictured here) which I find goes with an array of items in my wardrobe. I am really drawn to the collar-like necklaces around at the moment, big and bold which work for both day and night. The necklace in the outfit above is from Dannijo and I adore it, yet again it is quite tribal-like in appearance but it's also a simple timeless piece which could be worn time and time again. I've paired it with this striking red dress from Topshop Boutique and these nice chunky Kurt Geiger shoes in a khaki, more toned down colour which gives balance to the outfit and the bright tomatoey dress. 
Screen shot 2011-07-05 at 12.00.35


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