Tuesday, 20 September 2011

It's like an animal farm lot's of rural charm in the country

Returning from holiday, we left the sunshine and warm weather behind us but fortunately not our yearning to explore. Sunday, my boyfriend and I decided it was a nice enough day to go out for a walk. We had gone out running previously in the week and discovered that on the marshes near his house there was an old WWII building which would be used to communicate with America and also, further out, an old pub used for smugglers so decided at the weekend we would go out and take a look. We were out for nearly 3 hours and walked about 5-6 miles in total across field after field towards the thames and a little beach called Egypt Bay. On our walk back home we plotted our route so we passed by these two historic buildings but sadly both were boarded up and had been graffitied on. 
I wore my old converse as they were the most sensible kind of walking shoe I owned at my boyfriends house along with a nude v-neck t-shirt from Zara and also my Zara silk red trousers (I had worn these over to his house the day before and hadn't originally planned on this adventure) which weren't so helpful when climbing sneakily over farmers gates and crossing stile's. 
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