Saturday, 22 February 2014

Wibble Wobble.

The novelty and nostalgic phase of wearing jelly shoes in the summer time, I find is a regular occurrence these days. Reliving memories of childhood days where problems extended no further than a scraped knee in the playground. I've never previously latched myself back onto this whole wistful experience until just the other week. I hadn't seen them resurface in about a year or so and had completely forgotten about them all together. That was until I stumbled across singer come DJ Whinnie William's instagram. Her wardrobe and her style is a colour pop dream coated in sprinkles and in a world where it's possible unicorns do exist. Seemingly owning every possible Pantone in them, paired with just as vibrant socks to boot, I was hooked. Before long, I was in the ownership of said shoes. One pair in a fluorescent watermelon pink and the other, a transparent glittery black. 
I have now become aware that jelly shoes are coming out of the woodwork in each and every high street shop I tip my hat at. 
For someone so seemingly stuck within a reality of childhood sentiment, I am surprised it has taken me so long to reach out to my old friends. Nevertheless, we have rekindled our flame and are now spending time together on the regular. I have found they are a nice and inexpensive alternative to all of the coloured school-like mary jane's my heart doth desire. 
Alas, remember to pair with socks to refrain from working your feet up into a sweaty frenzy which in turn, results in loud squelches being heard for miles around.


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